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WooCommerce & OrderWise

Do you need more effective data transfer between WooCommerce and OrderWise?

Remove any communication issues slowing your productivity with Patchworks. Our powerful integration platform syncs your data seamlessly to boost your performance.

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What’s in it for you

Real-time data transfer between WooCommerce and Orderwise eliminating the need for manual data entry

  • Fast and effective integration – Patchworks is pre-built and externally hosted for instant results with no disruptions
  • Professional advice -our integration experts will make sure that your system is running at full productivity
  • Protect your profits – remove the need for manual data entry to decrease your costs whilst your business grows
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Your problem

  • You want all of your data to be available to you in Orderwise, however, you can’t get your software to communicate effectively
  • Changing your software or investing in a custom integration build is not a cost effective option
  • You are constantly entering data at a high cost and need a solution
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The Patchworks solution

Boost your performance with seamless integration of your platforms

  • Increase productivity – synchronised categories to to increase your efficiency
  • Cost effective growth – reduce operational costs with real-time data flow
  • Future-proof your business – move into new sales channels and stay current by implementing software packages easily with Patchworks
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The Integration Process

Pre-integration consultancy

  • Key data is quantified for most effective processing with Smart Data Mapping
  • Patchworks SKU Cleanse removes any faults or duplications in your inventory

WooCommerce and OrderWise integration

  • Improved insight and instant insight into your total operation
  • Accelerate your productivity with real-time data flow across all platforms
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Find out how we helped Sophie Allport enhance their customer experience
Sophie Allport

Find out how we helped Sophie Allport enhance their customer experience

After outgrowing their old accounting software, Sophie Allport decided to upgrade to Khaos Control. To help them get the most out of their new system, we integrated Khaos with the brand’s ecommerce platform, allowing them to sync and dispatch orders faster than ever before.

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