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WooCommerce & Khaos Control

Struggling to integrate your WooCommerce and Khaos Control packages?

Don’t let your operation be slowed down by communication issues. Integrate your software today with Patchworks.

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Whats in it for you?

Patchworks increases your productivity by automating your data in real-time between WooCommerce and Khaos Control

  • Simple integration – Patchworks is hosted on our servers and doesn’t require any further coding
  • Comprehensive advice – our highly experienced integrations team will help you at every stage to maximise the efficiency of your setup
  • Reduce cost – manual data entry is time consuming and expensive, allow Patchworks to handle your data in real-time with 100% accuracy
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Your dilemma

  • You just can’t seem to get your data to transfer effectively between your software packages
  • You receive high volumes of data and manually entering it is becoming difficult
  • You can’t afford to change your software system
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The solution

Patchworks provides comprehensive integration of all your software

  • Productivity boost – real-time data transfer streamlines your workflow for reduced costs and increased efficiency
  • Future-proof your business – Patchworks integrates a huge range of software platforms and sales channels, giving you increased adaptability for when you expand
  • Constantly maintained – Your platform is regularly updated and maintained so you’ll never be disrupted by software updates
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What Patchworks will do for you!

Pre-Integration Consultancy

  • We use Smart data mapping to identify your key business data
  • SKU cleanse removes any inventory conflicts

WooCommerce and Khaos Control integration

  • Gain real-time insight into your operation at any time
  • Improve your productivity with synced categories across your system
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Find out how we helped Sophie Allport enhance their customer experience
Sophie Allport

Find out how we helped Sophie Allport enhance their customer experience

After outgrowing their old accounting software, Sophie Allport decided to upgrade to Khaos Control. To help them get the most out of their new system, we integrated Khaos with the brand’s ecommerce platform, allowing them to sync and dispatch orders faster than ever before.

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