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Shopify Plus & Khaos Control

Looking to unify your Shopify Plus and Khaos Control packages?

Integrate your entire software operation with Patchworks. Our powerful platform unites your eCommerce and ERP to streamline your business.

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What’s in it for you?

Patchworks collates and automates your data in real-time between Shopify Plus and Khaos Control to increase your productivity and efficiency

  • Get started today – Patchworks is hosted on our servers and doesn’t require any further coding – get all the benefits with no disruption to your business
  • Comprehensive advice – our highly specialised integrations team will help you to make all the right software decisions
  • Cost effective – don’t waste your time and money with custom developments, Patchworks is pre-built and ready to integrate your software today
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Your dilemma

  • You bought what you considered to be the best solutions for your business, but they aren’t communicating as you had expected
  • Collecting and entering all of your data manually is time consuming and expensive
  • You’d rather not have to spend a small fortune on a custom development or on changing your software
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The solution

Patchworks provides comprehensive integration for businesses of all sizes

  • Productivity boost – real-time data transfer will reduce your operational costs and give you improved insight into your total business operation
  • Improved workflow – you categories are synced across all your platforms to streamline your business
  • Always working – Your platform is regularly updated and maintained to keep your system running at 100% all of the time
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What Patchworks will do for you!

Pre-Integration Consultancy

  • We identify you key business data through Smart data mapping
  • Any inventory errors are eradicated with SKU cleanse
  • Our experts will ensure optimum efficiency of your platform at all times

Shopify Plus and Khaos Control integration

  • Gain real-time insight into your operation at all times
  • Improve your productivity with synced categories across the board
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Find out how we helped Bluebella grow their sales by 200%

Find out how we helped Bluebella grow their sales by 200%

Originally launched on a shared online store, Bluebella decided it was time to go solo. We helped the brand migrate to two brand new systems, complete with an integration between their ecommerce store, ERP and warehouse system.

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