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How we helped futureproof Robert Welch's infrastructure

When Robert Welch decided to re-platform to Shopify Plus, they needed an integration partner to connect their new ecommerce platform with their existing ERP. So we set them up on the Patchworks platform - complete with bespoke features, service support, and plenty of room to grow.

Company Information


Robert Welch Designs is a UK-based kitchen and homeware brand, with a rich history of crafting timeless, high-quality pieces for the home. Committed to using the best materials for their designs, Robert Welch products are designed to last a lifetime – which is why every item comes with a minimum 25-year guarantee.


Gloucestershire, United Kingdom


Consumer Goods

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What brought me to Patchworks was their knowledge of Shopify Plus, and their ability to react and adapt and be flexible. We’re a bespoke business with bespoke requirements, and we needed a company that thought like us, that were hungry and could help us with energy. So we were really pleased to sign up with Patchworks.

Ed Smith 
IT Director, Robert Welch

The challenge

After years of operating a custom-built ecommerce platform, Robert Welch Designs decided they needed a more flexible solution. Their current bespoke setup meant that making changes cost weeks of development time, which drastically limited their ability to react to industry trends. They needed something reactive, scalable and, above all, futureproof. That’s why they re-platformed to Shopify Plus. 

In changing their ecommerce platform, Robert Welch also needed a new integration with their ERP, Khaos Control. Working directly with the brand’s ecommerce agency blubolt, we connected their new Shopify Plus store to their existing Khaos Control ERP, complete with an integration platform that’s designed to grow with them.

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The results

For Robert Welch, a reliable integration wasn’t just about data. It was about having an ecosystem that gave them the freedom and flexibility to take control of their growth – to evolve with the market and put ideas into action. With an agile infrastructure, ongoing service support and a platform that can sync over a million orders a day, we set Robert Welch up with the tools they need to scale.

Describing themselves as a bespoke business, Robert Welch’s integration project naturally had some bespoke requirements. From multi-currency customisation to custom mappings for age-verification products, we designed an integration that works exactly how the brand needed it to. 

Like many Patchworks clients, Robert Welch’s project involved collaborating with key partners – namely, their ecommerce agency blubolt. Working directly with the guys at blubolt meant we were able to conduct gap analysis sessions, allowing us to find the best possible solutions for Robert Welch as and when issues arose. Through the project, we were also able to establish a great relationship with Ed Smith, the Robert Welch’s IT director, acting as an extension to the brand’s in-house team. 

Here’s a quick look at what the Patchworks platform does for Robert Welch, and for hundreds of other fast-growing brands.


Unrivalled flexibility

Rather than waiting weeks for website updates and new features, the team at Robert Welch now have an infrastructure that lets them react and adapt to changes in a matter of days – or even hours.

Bespoke features

As an enterprise business, Robert Welch’s platform needed some specific functionalities. Our engineers rose to the challenge, with features including custom mapping rules for the brand’s age-verification products, customised multi-currency rules, VAT and shipping discounts, and linking Khaos Control’s native kit-building feature to Shopify.

360º validation of their business

Before any project, we run a full business assessment – taking a deep dive into the brand and looking at each different department. With a 360° view of their operations, we provided Robert Welch with an integration platform perfectly tailored to their business.

Save time & money

By reducing team intervention and eliminating manual data entry, the Patchworks platform frees up both time and money – resources that can be funnelled directly back into the Robert Welch brand. And with no risk of human error, the company can avoid costly mistakes and improve their bottom line.

Automate high volumes of data

Robert Welch now has an integration that’s stress-tested to handle hundreds of thousands of syncs a day, giving them the freedom to automate huge volumes of data between their systems. Not only that, but they can enjoy complete visibility over their syncs, with the ability to view which systems were involved, what data was transferred and when the sync occurred.

Built to grow

With a single dashboard to create and manage integrations, Patchworks gives Robert Welch the flexibility to add new systems and swap out old ones with ease, as well as the freedom to adopt new channels and territories as they grow.


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